Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Did It... Sort Of

I have been trying to learn to crochet. I have a hard time keeping the rows a consistent length, but I'm making progress. I finally finished a hat. It's the simplest of hats. It's pretty much a tube with one end pulled tightly together. Unfortunately, I didn't make it big enough for anyone in our family to actually wear, except for Mrs. Bunny here.

Last night I went to a 31 party, yarn and needle in tow. It just so happened that the hostess crochets, as I was hoping someone would. She showed me the basics of the Granny Square, and I'm making some progress in that area. It's slow work, but while I keep trying, focus your eyes on this bad puppy. I know. It's one impressive work of crafting... or something like that. Mrs. Bunny has been very grateful as she has bad circulation, making her quite chilly. At least someone is benefiting from this little endeavor. :)


Anonymous said...

You did great!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Well...I am pretty impressed. I can hardly sew on buttons;)

texas carpenters (rc and kc) said...

Mrs. Bunny is quite the lucky one! Very impressive. Can't wait to see more of your creations....even when it's 100 degrees outside!

Micah Gentle said...

So between the two of us we've made a hammock and a beenie for a bunny. I'd say overall good output. Good thing we aren't sweat shop employees, we'd probably be killed.

-Lil Bro