Friday, March 5, 2010

A Few Wonderful Things About Ella

My youngest daughter is advanced. She has decided that she simply will not wait the additional three weeks. Terrible twos begin now. "What's wonderful about that?" Nothing. I just want to keep the wonderful things in mind in order to put the upcoming challenges in perspective. And I want you, dear blog-reader, to know how much I really do adore her. Here are just a few wonderful things about Ella:

  1. She has an amazing fashion sense.
  2. Excellent taste in food.
  3. Not to mention refined table manners.
  4. Natural curiosity? Check.
  5. Who could be more loving? She doesn't even discriminate against fictional characters.
  6. She's comfortable in her own skin.
  7. And ever so nurturing.

Ella really is an amazing little girl. She's passionate, funny, a quick learner, and always ready to sit down with a book. She's affectionate, eager to play, and boy! can she dance. Maybe she's stubborn, but that makes for persistence, too. She accepts no limitations, and is willing to work to get what she wants. She's a great little sister, terrific daughter, and precious child.

I look forward to getting to know her better over the coming year, no matter how difficult those lessons may come. God is going to do amazing things through our little Ella.


Kristen said...

:) Ella is precious!!! I laughed very much while reading this blog post. Isn't it amazing how different each child is and how much each of them brings to the family (earthly and heavenly) dynamic?

You are an amazing mom to recognize her differences as Godly gifts.

The Pilston's said...

According to all of the above- esp. the chocolate- Rachel was the perfect middle name for her.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh yes He is.....she reminds me so much of my Elisabeth AND Lottie...that strong will can be used for way in the future! lol

She is such a blessing and I LOVE her spunk. I am blessed by knowing her and I miss getting my Ella love each day. She is such a little snuggler in the mornings:)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and captions! and boy do they capture Ella!

I love you Ella!!!


Katie said...

Love this post! What a fun little girl!