Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Night Out and a Four Year Old

I apologize for not blogging my vowed two times last week. I had every intention of working that second time in, but I just didn't make it. Sorry.

The reason (excuse) that I didn't have a second post is that Edwin and I had a night out on Friday night! A wonderful family from our church courageously volunteered to add our girls to their bunch (3 boys) so we could enjoy a lovely evening to our selves. We got a hotel room for the night, went out to eat, and browsed the stores of Plattsburgh. It was great!

Something else wonderful happened this weekend. My oldest daughter turned four! I can't believe it. She can't be four. Nope. I refuse to recognize it. She, however, really enjoys the fact that she's such a big girl.

The girls will have their annual combined birthday party on Saturday. I think I'm more excited than they are. I still have lots of planning to do, but I really can't wait! I sure hope that the kids have fun, too...


His Jules said...

WOW Hannah!!! You look great! I love the picture of you & Edwin. Good Luck with the party.

The Byrd's Nest said...

First of all......you look amazing Hannah! I am so proud of you!!!!

What a wonderful treat to be with your hubby alone....what a great church family you have...I am so thankful.

I can't believe she is four either....where does the time go? Give that sweet angel the biggest hug from all of us.