Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Walk Through Narnia

(If you haven't seen The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe or read The Chronicles of Narnia, you may find the symbolism slightly hard to follow. I recommend renting the movie anyway. I love it!)

Saturday was a nice, warm day (almost 40 degrees!), so I went for a walk outside. The sun felt sweet on my face. Although it was warm, the fields were still at least a foot deep with snow. The trees still sparkled with remnants of snow and ice. I've been looking at similar wintry white landscape since late November. I almost heard the thought, "We live in Narnia!" As I continued walking, the spiritual significance of this statement fell heavy on my shoulders.

We live in a place that has fallen under the power of an impostor. Religious ritual has taken the place of true faith. Ungodly fear has replaced holy reverence. Confusion has abducted Spirit-led understanding. But a remnant remains. As I continued to walk, a whispered prayer came with each exhale. "Let Your Spirit fall!"

Sunday was our baptism service at church. Seven Christians took a stand and publicly proclaimed their unwavering faith in the one living God. Even as snow fell softly outside, I could hear the ice breaking. God was revealing Himself. His Spirit was descending. An unsafe, but ever-good Master was walking among us. There were no earthquakes. No audible voices. No conversions that day, that we know of. But a holy roar filled that sanctuary.

The workers may be few, but the ones that are here have their sleeves rolled up and their hands to the plow. His chosen ones are ready to see the True King take His throne. Come, Great Lion of Judah. Breathe on the hearts of stone and give them life! We long for spring, for the warmth of Your presence. We long for those in captivity to be freed!

Who are we to be here? Who are we to serve such people as these? Who are we to serve under Your command? Who are we to know You? Come, Lord. Please come!


His Jules said...

Wow!! Hannah, thank you so much for allowing yourself to be used in such a profound way - your words captured the feelings of my heart! Praying for you & your precious family as you do battle for the kingdom.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Have I told you lately that writing is your gift??? It is....it truly is! What an awesome comparison....I love your heart Hannah...miss you:)