Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Birthday Pics

I promised more pictures, and here they are! Like I said earlier, I don't like putting pictures of other people's kids, so it'll just be my two (and Edwin).

DeLaynie blowing out her candles.

This is a picture of Ella stealing DeLaynie's cupcake after licking most of the frosting off of her own. ("What? I'm not doing nothin'!")

Edwin got both of the girls balloons with their appropriate ages. They're still playing with them.

Ella's friend was sitting on a ball, and she decided to give it a try. It was a little more challenging because the ball that she chose was a foam ball. It kept smushing when she sat on it, but she eventually figured out a way.

One of the activities was to decorate frisbees. The girls were pretty busy playing, so I decorated their frisbees for them. (We have lots of extras, and I'm pretty sure that they'll end up making a few themselves.) They never quite understood frisbee methodology, though.

So Daddy tried to teach them.

It never quite took.

DeLaynie didn't care. She still went around the gym saying, "And the gold medal goes to... DELAYNIE!"

After the party was over, Ella immediately pitched in and got to cleaning up. She is so helpful!

These girls are definitely worth celebrating... once a year.

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