Friday, March 26, 2010

Swinging and Bouncing and Crafting (oh my!)

My parents gave DeLaynie and Ella a swing set for their birthdays. This present required that Edwin put together a swing set, so he called a man in the church and his teenage son to help. That was a good decision because it only took a few hours before the girls had a play set. Unfortunately, it was either raining or cold for two days, so the girls couldn't actually know that they had a swing set yet. Yesterday it was warmer and dry, but windy.

Still, wind couldn't hold us back any longer. I was tired of keeping all of the windows shut. So we ventured out.

This made DeLaynie very happy.

And Ella blew bubbles.

DeLaynie went down the slide.

And Ella blew bubbles.

DeLaynie bounced on the trampoline.

And Ella blew bubbles.

Actually, Ella did swing and slide and jump, but I couldn't take any pictures of her doing these things because it required a lot of help. I did get video footage of it, though (so don't worry, mom :). Somehow videography only requires one hand whereas still photography (with my non-pocket-sized camera and limited skill) requires two.

In other news, DeLaynies garden is in phase 2 now. We decorated little flower pots to house our "baby flowers". I'm hoping that it's pretty obvious which is mine. Ella's is on the left, and DeLaynie's is on the right. The girls loved this activity, and I plan on helping them paint frisbees soon. When, I'm not sure. But everything is bought, so I'm sure that there will come a night when I'm in a crafting mood.

Oh, and Zumba training is tomorrow! For those of you who don't know, I'm going to be certified to teach Zumba classes. And I am So! Excited! And incredibly nervous. I'm going to try to update my FB status regularly to let you all know that I'm alive, but, if by some bazarre twist of fate the gym doesn't have wifi, I'll let you know how it all went on Sunday. Or Monday. I have a feeling I'm going to be completely knocked out by Sunday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are enjoying the playground!!

And way to go Dad-getting it up so quick!!

Have fun with Zumba on Saturday!

I love you all,

The Byrd's Nest said...

Whew...I was hoping yours was the pot in the middle:) lol

Oh I KNOW DeLaynie loves loves loves that swing! That girl loves to swing...the trampoline is so good for her also.

Good look with Zumba today:)

Megan Abraham said...

Way to go Hannah! You are a brave woman! We miss you guys.