Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some B-Day Pics to Keep You Going

Because I know that you're all on pins and needles, I'm going to post a few pictures from the birthday party. It was an Olympics themed party, and the girls had a great time. I get a C- for organizing the games (mostly because I can't bring myself to give me a D or F. I'm a very tender-hearted teacher.), but the kids had fun. I think that was the point. The church owns a community center, so we had an entire gym to play in for the party. It's hard to go wrong with a giant room full of balls and a bunch of kids.

My mom found a website of birthday party ideas that had the idea to arrange cupcakes like the Olympic rings. It took a lot of food coloring, but I thought that it turned out very cute.

I was also pretty excited about the Wheaties cookies. I felt like an Olympics party just had to have Wheaties involved. So I turned them into cookies. And cookies are the breakfasts of champions.

DeLaynie is a natural little hostess. As the first guests arrived, she came to the door to greet them, called them by name, and walked them into the play area. Pretty cool, huh?

Did you know that ribbon dancing is an Olympic sport? Well, it is. It's referred to as "Rhythmic Gymnastics" because that somehow gives it an air of athleticism, but it's still twirling around with a stick with ribbons coming out of it. It's a favorite pastime for Attaway preschoolers. Okay, we only have one, but she really loves it.

Ella blew out her candles before we could sing "Happy Birthday," and before I could get a picture. I re-lit them. Then I pretended like nothing happened. What? She didn't bake 'em!

Ella never disappoints when it comes to taking down a cupcake. As I mentioned previously, I used a lot of food coloring to get the cupcakes close to the right color, so it stained pretty badly. (That hoodie is going to require some serious bleaching.) We got it off once we got home, but Ella's face is a lovely shade of green in most of the pictures.

I'll have more pictures later, and there's even a rumor about a video. That's Daddy's department, so we'll just have to see. Most of the best pictures include the girls' friends, but I don't like to publish photos of other peoples' children for safety purposes.

It was a fun day, despite a migraine that has persisted since this morning. The girls had a good time, and Mom and Dad had some fun, too. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the fact that I only have to organize one party a year? I now have 364 days to prepare for next year. I guess it better be good then, huh?


The Byrd's Nest said...

lol...I hear ya girl...birthday parties can wear a Mom out! What a cute idea! And I can totally see your little preschooler being the greatest hostess ever...she has such a gentle little heart. As for in Costa Rica they have these blue and pink bars of laundry soap. They don't have washing machines but they scrub their clothes with these bars..they are magical! Our Luisa got stains out of clothes that were brought from the states with this bar! Do you have a hispanic area where you live? If you do they probably have these bars in their grocery stores! Get one! Love you!

Collectively Casey: said...

The cupcakes looked great! Good job on turning them black with no black food coloring. Glad you had fun after a late night on Friday.

Just in case you have any question/doubt in your mind -- no, there are no hispanic areas where you live. :)