Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Prayers of Parents

Christmas of my senior year of high school, Dad gave me a framed sheet of paper. It was a page from his prayer journal that he had first filled out when I was an infant. The first lines ask the filler-outer to list things they're grateful for. Daddy was grateful that I was healthy and not a big cryer. His very first request in the needs section was that I'd learn to sleep better.

Over the years, he jotted notes on the topics he was covering in prayer on my behalf. One of the most covered aspects of my yet-unlived life was my husband. Long before I was dating or even able to speak, my parents were praying for Edwin. They prayed for his family, his spiritual development, and his ability to lead a very head-strong young lady.

If ever there was an answered prayer, it's this one. I can't imagine a better husband. I know that it isn't because I deserved such a man. It isn't because I have flawless judgement. It's because my parents prayed. My marriage is a prayer come true because they relentlessly bowed their knees before a sovereign Creator and asked Him to orchestrate our lives to bring us to each other, prepare us for each other, and learn to support each other.

I'm not saying that every parent with a child in a bad marriage is at fault for not praying enough, or not praying correctly. I just know this: God made this marriage happen. As I thank God for parents who cared enough to pray, I'm also praying for the men that God has in store for our girls.

Please, Lord, extend the same grace to them that You have extended to me. Give them a man after Your heart.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh how beautiful Hannah....we did the same with all of our kids. God has really blessed you!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Agreed ~ so beautiful. Praise the Lord for uniting you and Edwin. What wonderful parents your little girls have...and you've got some pretty great little girls too.

The Scatterbrain said...

I came to your blog because I ws googling "how to make a tutu". Im making one for my daughter for her first birthday.

I love your blog and will keep coming back!

Leigh Anne said...

So sweet! I love it, and I too pray for my children's future spouses!!!

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