Thursday, December 11, 2008


We tried to go bowling for Edwin's birthday a few weeks ago. Sadly, we got there too late on league night, and bowling didn't happen. We still had a good time hanging out with B. Wal and her hubby. Edwin was disappointed though. He loves bowling. He owns his own shoes and bowling ball. They haven't gotten much use in the last few years.

I am a terrible bowler. For years it bothered me that I was so terrible, in much the same way that miniature golf causes me to have Dr. Jeckyll to Mr. Hyde-like transformation. Nothing brings out the red-head in me quite like a game of putt-putt. I can bowl now without emotional trauma, and usually without sin. I think that I might could pull down a game of putt-putt, but I'm not going to try that one yet. The first (and only) time that Edwin took me to play, it was a low moment in our young relationship. I was hoping that we'd be married before he saw my temper. Why I agreed to that silly game I will never know! (It should be noted that my temper has been dramatically reduced at this point. Living with Edwin has limited my ability to express anger in traditional ways. That's mostly a good thing.)

So we're going to give bowling another shot tonight with the Abraham's. They're a fun couple, and I know that we'll enjoy the time together. I'm just hoping that we actually get to bowl. I don't know if Edwin could handle the disappointment of another lost opportunity to bowl. I'm going to be the worst bowler there tonight. I can handle that. There's no shame in it. "I'm Hannah, and I couldn't knock over a pin with a bat." Well, someone has to be the worst, and I'm jsut the girl for the job.


Nina D. Casteel said...

Hannah,I hope you all have a wonderful time tonight.I know you have to be so tired of packing,so this will be a great break for you both.See you Sunday.
In His Amazing Love,

Rachel said...

Ha! Chris has his own ball and shoes too. I typically tease him about it. However, we Wii bowl now instead of the real thing. It's easier to do after the baby's asleep than, say, leaving her and heading out to the lanes.