Saturday, December 20, 2008

Silent Afternoon

My parents are at the new house, working to get things ready for the official move-in. Edwin and DeLaynie are at the playground at the church. Ella is asleep. (She, unlike DeLaynie, sleeps better here than in Kentucky. Must be the humidity.) This leaves me alone, on the computer, with only the sound of the tapping keyboard ringing in my ears.

I'm so glad to be sitting here, not thinking about much of anything, ignoring the unfathomable number of boxes that fill this house. It's a difficult task, but I am totally up to the challenge.

Tonight we are going to decorate my parents' Christmas tree. It's a time-honored tradition. Unfortunately, Edwin is allergic to the pine trees, as we confirmed last night. He carried the tree off the tree farm, and a few hours later, his arms were swollen and red. It wasn't severe in either category, but definitely noticeable, and most assuredly uncomfortable. I'm guessing that we'll put him in charge of garland to keep him away from any and all flora.

I will put one of the Baby Jesus ornaments that I made on their tree and one on our tree. Because I'm just that happy about them.

I need to finish some Christmas projects, so I'd better take this opportunity to do so. Have a fun day.

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