Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Good Team

I had this theory that the putting the girls' beds on adjacent walls was the cause of our lack of sleep. There's a situation that I had pictured in my mind:

DeLaynie: "Hey. Ella, you there?"
Ella: "I'm here. What d'ya want?"
DeLaynie: "I know it's my night to keep them up, but I was hoping that you could fill in for me since I did such a great job the night before last... and you barely woke them up twice last night."
Ella: "Huh! I don't think you realize how grumpy Mommy was yesterday because of that performance you gave. I let them sleep for our own good. But... okay. I'll fill in for you, slacker!"
DeLaynie: "You're the best, sis. Can you believe that they still don't think that we can talk?"
Ella: "You are good... Enjoy your night off. I get a full night of sleep tomorrow night, you got me?"
DeLaynie: "No prob. Go get 'em!"

Recently, however, we moved Ella from the adjacent wall to another. Yet, we're sleeping less then ever. I guess that it's possible that my theory was incorrect. And I thought I'd had it all figured out...

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Leigh Anne said...

Oh, that is classic! I feel your pain!