Thursday, December 18, 2008

Packing and Unpacking... Simultaneously

My parents are working on moving into their new house. We're working on moving into their old house. Add a toddler (who thought that a pile of fire ants was a sandbox yesterday) and an infant, and you have a very interesting situation. Interesting and messy. Messy and chaotic.

On the plus side, once it's over, Mom and Dad will be in their first (last, and only) home, and Edwin, the girls, and I will be in the pastorium, with more room than we know what to do with. Certainly more room than we have furniture to fill. We plan on living in the downstais only and using the upstairs only for the tub (for the girls) and the washing machine/dryer.

There's still a little bit of Christmas shopping to do. That includes Edwin's gift. I have no idea what to get him. I never do. I give him the item, ISBN number, store name, and door-t0-door directions on how to get there on whatever it is I want, but he's not too helpful. He never really wants anything. I'll try my best to be creative and figure out something brilliant. I know; a puppy! That's the perfect gift when you're about to move overseas. We can just leave it with someone else.

We have a small (6') tree up, with Murray the snow star on top. I never can find angels that are biblical in the least, so I reject them on the whole. (All of the angels listed in the Bible were men, and scary. Cherubs were actually the scariest of all angels, in my opinion, and were not baby-like in the least.) The stars are usually overly ornate. I found this only slightly tacky star that is in the shape of a star, but actually a snow man, with a scarf, hat, and carrot nose. We named him Murray (as in "Murray Christmas!"), and he lives atop our tree.

Well, there's much to do. Edwin's taking a well-deserved nap after a lot of hard work. I'm trying to get the kitchen knocked out today while mom's at work. We'll see how that goes. Wish me good providence.