Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Gotta Haircut... (and other, random things)

Yep I did it, and I liked it too. I'd been wanting one for a long time. Ever since moving here, I'd tried to call the salon where I had my hair done in high school. Apparently, they're closed for a little while. I couldn't handle it anymore.

B. Wal, don't freak out. It was just a couple of inches. Edwin and my mom could barely tell a difference, but there is one. Most notably, there aren't nearly as many knots as there had been.

Moving on from the ever-so-exciting subject of my hair, I would like to say that I got six shirts from Kohl's for $.22. That's right. Twenty-two cents. Not dollars, cents. My mom gave me some Kohl's bucks that she got after shopping there. They were free to her, so I'm not counting that money toward the total. If I did, it would be a little over $23 dollars, due to tax. Either way, that's some darn good shopping if you ask me.

All of them are short-sleeved. Due to the insanely warm fall Alabama is currently experiencing, I saw no need to buy sweaters just so I could buy short-sleeved stuff later to take to Nicaragua. It's hot there... really hot.

Finally, I would like to give Los Cabos Cantina a shout-out. We went there yesterday for lunch, and the place was very close to empty. This concerned me, but the food was very good. I want to keep these people in business, so if you're looking for a good place to eat in Montgomery, I recommend Los Cabos Cantina. There are lots of Mexican places, but this one is in the old Cucos location. There's a new bowling alley in the old theater there that will open in January, so make a night out of it.


the Mama of the Peas said...

what? no pictures? Girl! You cannot tell us about a haircut and new shirts and not show us pictures!

Rachel said...

I second that motion!! Don't you know that it is a total blogging sin to post about a haircut and not post pictures?!?!

Brooke said...

I third the motion! When I read your title my thoughts were...great, why is she trying to ugly up her beautiful hair! Which is why when I started reading I was laughing out loud. You knew what I was thinking. I was expecting something dramatic. That's what usually happens. I'm glad for just the trim. Congrats on the good Mexican food.

Araess said...

Hey I live in montgomery also and agree with you about Los Cabos. If you are interested in checking out some restaurant reviews for the area please take a look at a chowhound post I made here:

or if you aren't comfortable clicking on a weird link just do a search for montgomery, alabama in chowhound..

happy eating!