Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chistmas Countdown!

Things are starting to shape up here at the Attaway residence. Boxes are being emptied. Clothing is being washed. Gifts are being wrapped. Actually, I finished my gift wrapping today. I just hate to change tenses in the middle of a thought.

We're getting DeLaynie (and Ella, too) fish for a part of her Christmas. "What?" you ask. "Just before moving overseas, you invest in a pet?"Edwin wants DeLaynie to have a pet because she loves them so much. She was so excited when we found a lizard in the house. She almost loved the poor thing to death before we were able to rescue him and set him free outside. Still, the timing does seem off. Well, let's face it. The fish is going to die before the move. If something amazing happens, and Flipper (or whatever we name it) pulls through, we can find a good home with someone, I am sure. Micah (my brother) would be a good parent to our yet un-bought fish, especially since he donated his fish tank to the cause. We weren't going to invest much into a pet that is more similar to a plant than a real pet, like a cat or dog. (No offense, fish lovers, but let's admit that they are more for decoration than for play.)

Edwin had the idea to get a closable plastic container for the fish so DeLaynie could carry it around. He isn't much of a realist. I don't think that the idea of DeLaynie's precious, little scaled friend dying really bothered him as much as the idea of De sitting there, staring at an untouchable pet. I tried the argument that she needs to learn boundaries, but it wasn't effective. The argument that a dead fish is sad did, however.

Micah is supposed to buy our new family member tonight while he's out on the town. He's also buying Mom a towel rack. That boy leads an exciting life, I tell ya.

I have to get back to unpacking (Montey Python's Holy Grail style "Yea..."). Happy Hanukkah to all of my Messianic Jewish friends. I have always wondered how you manage to celebrate so many holidays. Hats off to you!

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Leigh Anne said...

Hey Hannah! Hope you are doing well after the move. I sent your Christmas card to your old address. Hopefully they will forward it to you here in T-town! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!