Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures Make-Up Day

Now, my card reader for my digital camera has been broken, which is why there are no recent pics on this blog. I figure I'd make up for it now that I have the card reader.

Youth Christmas Party Pre-Game Photo Shoot:
This is what we like to call, "as good as we were going to get". Sad, I know.

DeLaynie, looking pretty in her box of rice.Ella, looking all cute.

Bowling Extravaganza:

Edwin and Travis, probably laughing at my score.

Megan, maybe praying for mercy from the evil pins.

Wallaway Goodbye Special:

DeLaynie, checking out the tree.
Woodstock, as handsome as ever.
Stinkerbell and Ella. Obviously, Stinkerbell is thrilled with the photoshoot.