Monday, December 8, 2008

Packing... Part 1

Today we have begun the tedious, though not altogether unpleasant process of packing. There's a certain part of me that enjoys the emotional aspect. It helps in reaffirming what's happening. It's also nice to get everything organized. I can't wait for Saturday night when all of our house will be packed into nice, neat boxes. It's no way to live long-term, but for a short period of time, it's kind of relaxing to be all modular.

There is one major issue. My nightstand has a severely stuck drawer. The middle drawer simply will not open. Something must have jammed the silly thing shut. We tried shaking it, pulling as hard as we can. Still stuck. I've been wondering for about a year now (since I discovered it) how the sticky drawer situation would resolve itself. I'm not totally sure that it will now that the time is upon us. We may just have to store it with the drawer snugly closed. I still have some hope that the move will shake whatever it is that has jammed the drawer shut to move out of the way. There's always hope. Even for drawers.

I should probably get back to the task at hand. DeLaynie is ornery. Kind of like a bulldog with lipstick, just without the lipstick.

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