Friday, February 13, 2009

V-Day Party Results

I'm sure that you're all wondering about how well that party went at DeLaynie's school yesterday. I don't know about the party itself because it was in the middle of Ella's nap time. I wasn't about to interrupt her first really good nap in a week to peek in on a class party, even though I really wanted to.

What I do know is that she tremendously enjoyed the goodie bags. I thought that I was doing well to include a sheet of stickers with each Valentine, but about half of the kids sent goodie bags. I might have been more upset at this realization if the experience hadn't been shared by a friend of mine in Texas. She has just placed her daughter in mother's day out, and didn't realize that this was the standard practice. We both agree that there should be a fact sheet for new mommies to such programs that includes the unmentioned norms.

Here are a couple of pictures of DeLaynie, enjoying the treats from her goodie bags.

In these pictures, you may notice that she is wearing three heart necklaces, a heart bracelet, and enjoying two suckers simultaneously. Yep, she had fun. She also received a coupon for a Krispy Kreme doughnut, but she doesn't like doughnuts, unfortunately. I guess that I'll just have to put that one to good use. ;)

After the party, we put in a little play time, allowing me to get a few pictures of Ella, this time without marker all over her.
I'm not sure how she endured crawling along the cement. I took off her shoes because I didn't want the leather to ruin from the friction against the sidewalk. I couldn't think of a way to remove her knees for the same purpose. Her knees were very red, but she didn't seem to mind. She just kept crawling along.
So, I think yesterday was a success. Everyone had a good time, except for Ella's knees, but they don't get a say.
Happy weekend!

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