Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vicarious V-Day

Today is the day that DeLaynie's preschool celebrates Valentine's Day. I spent an insane amount of time searching for Valentines yesterday. I kept debating between the really inexpensive ones that come with 32 in a box (some were 27), the much more expensive (and way cuter) ones that come 8 to a pack, and DeLaynie and I sitting down to make our own.

Making them was the most expensive option, and I wasn't convinced that DeLaynie would enjoy it. The boxed ones were all themed, and I couldn't find any that were gender-neutral. I didn't want to give the boys butterfly tattoos. DeLaynie wasn't with me to make the choice. They didn't have any of her favorite characters anyway, since she is currently obsessed with old(er) movies, like Robin Hood. I'm a little surprised that they didn't have any Toy Story ones, though. I moved past the character ones into the 8-packs. After about an hour of searching, I finally found a couple of eight-packs that weren't as expensive as the others, and they were pretty cute.

I know, I know. There is no way that DeLaynie cares that much about which Valentines cards she gives out. It occurred to me as I was wading through the sea of commercialism referred to as the seasonal aisle, that this would be the only opportunity I would have to go through this little dance for a while. Nicaragua may or may not celebrate Valentine's Day, but I'm pretty sure that they don't celebrate the same way that we do. I remember all of the Valentine's Days that I celebrated in school. I remember getting so excited about giving out the little cards, and coming home to go through them one by one. And I got all sentimental, which is saying something for me.

DeLaynie did "sign" each card. I wasn't going to put her name down on something that was completely about me. I really hope that she has had a fun day at school, and that the celebration was as much fun for her as preparing the cards was for me. But I kinda doubt it.


Brooke said...

Woodstock and Stinkerbell are loving Valentine's day. They both picked out their cards. Woodstock got Madagascar ones and Stinkerbell got Winnie the Pooh. They have been playing with their Valentine's that they got from other kids all day. To them they're just cards that have all the characters they love on them. Plus Woodstock recognizes his name and finds it very exciting to see his name on all of his cool cards. I never found it exciting as a kids but it seems mine do. I hope DeLaynie had a great time at school! Oh, and my kids got 32 cards to a box for a dollar at dollar general. Man, this is a long comment. I just haven't talked to you in so long. O.K. now I'm just making it longer on purpose. I'll go now......seriously this is the end. Bye.

the Mama of the Peas said...

Emily picked out the Cars ones with the pencils. I have no idea how much there were... I should have looked. but I think they were about 2.50?? But she was insanely excited about them. She wrote her own name on every one of them - there 16, except for two that she let Savannah color on. I can't wait to hear about her party when she gets home today.

Nina D. Casteel said...

Hey Hannah,I love,love this picture of DeLaynie.Her hair looks so long.I also remember sharing valentines in school.Alot of fun.We would also make a mailbox to put them in.I remember helping the boys make their boxes,and helping them to get their valentines all addressed.They would pick out some special ones to give to those cute girls.Now I get to help my grandchildren.How precious!