Monday, February 23, 2009

Party at Gigi and Big D's!

The girls and I are at my parent's house for the day. We also spent the night last night. Edwin and I didn't have a fight. If we had, Mom wouldn't let us in the door until we worked it out. Okay, she may let me leave the kids, but I would never make it in. We're here because the house that the church has very graciously allowed us to live in is having a little bit of work done on it, and I knew that the girls would get under foot. Plus, it gave Edwin a chance to get some uninterrupted sleep. It's worked out well for everyone, I believe.

The day has been a fun one with all of the amenities of the grandparents' place. I don't buy oatmeal because I find it completely disgusting. Ella likes it, though, so she had some this morning, courtesy of Gigi. She ate it almost completely unassisted with a spoon! Oh, the pride, not to mention the freedom. I just put the bowl and spoon in front of her and walked away to let her go to it. I wish I had a picture, but I didn't bring my camera, and mom's wasn't charged. It was messy, gooey fun!

We've played outside, gone for a nice, short walk (hey, you try pushing a double stroller up-hill on gravel!), and played with the special toys that live here. Oh, and then there's Noggin (a preschooler's television dream come true). It's been an enjoyable day. Now I just have to try to clean the house before Mom gets home...

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