Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dance Party!

Apparently, "Electric Boogie" is a kids' song. I'm not sure who made that determination, but it was on the cable company's kids' music station. It was between some song by the Cheetah Girls and "What Are You Gonna Do?" by Raven-Symone. Here I was expecting "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" and "Baby Beluga." I think that the new standard for kids' music is simply that the artists are affiliated with Disney in some way.

I was trying to get DeLaynie and Ella to dance on video. I thought that you fine people might enjoy it, but they refused to cooperate. Once I turned the camera off, Ella was more than happy to get down with her adorable self. Her signature moves are bouncing on her knees and tapping the toes of one foot on the floor with one arm above her head. It's a move similar to that of a ballerina.

DeLaynie's favorite thing about school is singing and dancing. She has always enjoyed music, and you can teach her almost anything if it's put into the form of a song. That could make for some interesting songs when we get into potty training...

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