Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Time Has Come...

I have put this post off for a long time. I have debated it and questioned it long enough. I have been afraid for too long. I have to come clean. If I hurt the feelings of the people I care about, so be it.

There are too many people who do not understand which there/their/they're to use and which to/too/two to use. It's an epidemic at this point. There are six different words represented here, and each deserves its fair shake. Let's go over each one.

There- referring to a place, or used ambiguously to refer to a situation.
  • The fish tanks are over there.
  • There are ten fish tanks currently available.
  • There is a sale on small fish tanks tomorrow.
  • There is no way out of this situation.
  • We need to put the fish tank over there.
  • We'll have to move the t.v. from there to there so we can put the fish tank over there.

Their- used to describe possession.

  • That is their house right over there.
  • Their porch light is on.
  • Their dog is a mean one.

They're- a contraction that puts they and are into one word.

  • They're away for the weekend.
  • They're never able to get away.
  • They're so tired from all of the hard work that they put in at the office.

Let's move on the to the to/too/two situation that also plagues our country.

To- can be used a number of ways. It is normally a preposition, and is often used to describe direction or denote the purpose of something. It can also be used to show possession or association.

  • I am going to the store.
  • I have to take out the trash.
  • Where's the lid to this sippy cup?
  • I love to dance.
  • I have to get some juice for DeLaynie.
  • What do you want to do for dinner?

Too- means "also" or can be used to describe an excess of something.

  • Will you take your brother too?
  • There are too many children who do not receive proper discipline.
  • There is too little time to get everything done.
  • I forgot to tell you that we need toilet paper too.
  • Are you coming too?

Two- is a number. 2.

  • I have two children.
  • Two is the number between one and three.
  • Four divided by two equals two.

I hope that by working together, we can combat the lack of understanding plaguing this country. Remember, every word is special, designed with the purpose of communicating a wonderful message. Every word has a meaning, and every meaning deserves a word.

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Rachel said...

LOL - I am picky about grammar too.
My pet peeve is when people use loose instead of lose.

"I am afraid I will loose my keys."

Or dessert instead of desert.

"We visited the Mojave Dessert."