Tuesday, February 3, 2009


What's this? A second post in a single day? Well, yes, dear reader. I decided that some things are worth waiting for, and some things are too good to wait. This is the latter. I've mentioned previously that I am a fan of Phil Vischer, the originator of VeggieTales, who continues to write the good episodes and record voices for the Christian video series. He began a new company shortly after the bankruptcy of Big Idea, called Jellyfish Labs. A good while ago, apparently in 2008 sometime, Phil and his company created something called JellyTelly. (I know, I know. It's absolutely unacceptable for someone who claims to be a Phil fan to be so late in such a discovery. I apologize for my mistake.) Everyday they post a new webisode of Christian shorts. When you go to the site, check out the "Grown Ups" page where Phil explains the theory behind JellyTelly. If you would like to become slightly obsessive about Phil for yourself, check out his aptly named site, Phil Vischer.

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Rachel said...

eeenteresting. . . I've never heard of it either. i checked it out - looks fun! Thanks for the tip!