Friday, February 6, 2009

Down-Scale Fixes for Up-Scale Livin'

I thought that some of you might could use some around-the-house tips. I'm just like Martha Stewart. No, really. Except for the whole prison thing, Martha and I are like two peas in a pod. These are a couple of homie ideas that have been ever-so-useful to me lately.
  • Need to something off-white when all you have is white? I had this problem with a bow. DeLaynie was wearing a cream colored shirt and a cream colored pair of tights. It was out to be a very cute little outfit, but I didn't have a cream colored bow. Then, it came to me. I could use tea! So I steeped a nice, hot cup of soothing tea... with a bow. It worked great! (I thought that this was a pretty original idea until my mom said that this was how she made a boat-load of Native American costumes last Thanksgiving for school. Apparently, I'm not as innovative as I thought. Oh well!)

  • Hem fall out? Well, you know what they say. Everything can be fixed with duct tape! I didn't have any brown thread, or I would've just sewn the hem in. This worked great too.

  • Finally, I have a bad tendency to get bleach marks all over me any time I'm in the same room with the stuff. This isn't original at all, but you can always use a permanent marker. (I've also used good ol' Crayola markers for one-night fixes on colored clothing.) I know, you can still see the little mark, but it's about the size of a dime, and not nearly as obvious in real life as in the picture. It works well enough for the classy company of WalMart. ;)

I hope that these little ideas help you live that high-falootin' lifestyle we all dream of.

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