Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day!

We spent today, President's Day, with my mom's parents, aka: Granny and Pa. We trekked to Dothan to see my very sweet grandparents, who will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this year. Wow! That's staying power! Here are a few pictures from our trip.

So, I lied! This picture is from Saturday in our den, but Ella's actually wearing a bow in her hair, so I really had to post it. I'm sure that you understand.

Pa and Ella. Obviously, they find each other mutually humorous.

Just about the only thing that Ella and DeLaynie did together today was ride the wagon, an experience that DeLaynie was oh-so-stingy about sharing.
Ella was excited about getting to play outside. It was a lovely day.
I think Ella will be a linebacker. Mommy's so proud. As a little factoid, this may be the oldest football thrown by a cheerleader into the stands at a Dothan High School football game. I played with it when I was little, as did my Uncle Marty, I do believe. The year of its birth? 1967. That's right: '67. They really don't make things like they used to. If they did, the entire planet would be covered in cheap footballs from various high school homecomings.

Ella looks up to her Gigi, literally and figuratively.

Granny blew bubbles.

DeLaynie chased bubbles. Look at that form. Arm straight out, legs extended. That is excellent bubble chasing if ever I saw it.

One of DeLaynie's favorite activities of the day, however, was playing in the dirt.

Check out those hands. Covered in dirt! Happy children can usually be described that way.

Obviously, Delaynie got good and dirty, 'cause she sure looks happy here.

We had a fun day with the great-grandparents of Dothan. Granny is a regular reader of this blog. For a long time, she was one of a handful of folks who read it. She's the same Granny who joined Facebook just to keep up with her grand- and great grandchildren. Thanks for a wonderful bank and post office holiday, Granny and Pa!


Kathy Butryn said...

Oh the legacy of family! Thanks for sharing these pics. It looks like a good time was enjoyed by all...and many memories are tucked away in hearts!

Nina D. Casteel said...

Hey Hannah,Those are great pictures.I love the hair bow in Ella's hair.It looks like DeLaynie loves the dirt.That was my favorite thing to do when I was a little girl.I loved to make mud pies.Wow that brings back some wonderful memories.Thanks!

The Carpenter Life said...

These are awesome!! Glad yall got to go down to see them. I bet they were so thrilled. We need to make the long trip out with Ellie sometime soon!!