Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

I like weird things. I like movies that are scary. Unfortunately, since being pregnant with Ella, I have found that a lot of the scary movies made in the last ten years are just too disturbing for me. Things that never would have bothered me a mere three years ago are now too much for my taste.

There is a solution. Major networks offer websites with many of their shows, past and present, available online. (This is how Edwin and I watch Lost every week.) I recently discovered that I can watch Alfred Hitchcock Hour and The Twilight Zone this way. They're weird, and even creepy at times, but not disturbing. They are much more likely to be silly than genuinely disturbing.

This is how I spent my evening last night while Edwin and DeLaynie were at Edwin's mom's house. I had a mini-marathon of weirdness. It was made more fun by the fact that it was late at night, and I was really sleepy. Nothing intensifies strange, old television quite like sleep deprivation. I went to sleep within a few minutes of closing the ol' laptop, and I didn't have any nightmares or trouble sleeping.

I think I've found a new plan with dealing with those cravings for the surreal. Call me lame. Call me silly. Call me immature. Just don't call me when I'm watching my shows. :)

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