Friday, November 28, 2008

A Very Attaway Thanksgiving

So what does a family do when trapped at home on Thanksgiving, six hours away from the nearest family members? The short answer is, "nothing". This, however, is a blog. A blog could easily be defined as a lot of nothing turned into something. Therefore I will indulge my long-winded soul and expound upon our day. 'Cause I can.

DeLaynie played in her box of rice. Yes, it's a large Rubbermaid box full of rice. It's sort of akin to a sandbox, but with rice inside, and much smaller. You may be confused by this particular choice for playtime, but she loves it. It's messy, but nothing that a broom can't fix. She sat in her rice box and watched the parade. Isn't that what most kids do on Thanksgiving Day? Probably not.

She was a little wacky today. We've had her on medication, including Benadryl, due to her cold. She would randomly start talking about cows. She likes cows. We are about five minutes from a dairy farm, and we pass dozens of cows on the way, so she's familiar with them.

Ella tried to eat the rice. Edwin made a wise decision to put away the magical box of rice, which was an outrage to DeLaynie, who had been doing an excellent job playing with it nicely. This led to a desperate need for the bubble blower, whose batteries appeared to be dead. After a few minutes of begging the bubble blower to work, a few more minutes of begging God to perform a miracle and resurrect the batteries in the bubble blower, and a trip to the gas station for overpriced batteries due to a lack of faith in God to perform said miracle, the bubble blower was back in operation, much to everyone's glee.

This was when Edwin and I ate our lunch. Ravioli lasagna (a much easier version than traditional lasanga), salad, Sister Shubert rolls with honey and butter brushed on the tops (yummy), and derby pie filled our plates and our bellies. It's not a traditional Turkey Day feast, I admit, but we enjoyed it.

Then was nap time, during which Edwin and I played games, and I won. All of them. Every. Last. One. Don't worry. He got me back by making me watch football involving teams that I could not care less about. I like football, but I have to at least know where the team is located and recognize the QB's name in order to get into it.

After the kids woke up from naps, we watched A Muppet Christmas Carol and ate leftovers for dinner. DeLaynie required a lot of holding, cuddling, and sweet talking, as well as a bath, due to a fever and cough. Ella crawled around and begged for our food. She's quite similar to a puppy during dinner time. She can't quite get up to our level, so she sits there, staring at you with pitiful eyes until you give in and give her a bite off your plate.

The kids played well for the rest of the evening, and they went to bed a little earlier than they do when healthy. Edwin and I did some online Christmas shopping and played some more games. He won those. I'm always terrible at night.

That's our Thanksgiving. I know you were on the edge of your seat to know about the menu. It was remarkably pleasant. We didn't have to drag innocent children around, cook excessive food, or even get dolled up. I did make Edwin put on a non-Tshirt, and we put some clothing on the children that wouldn't count as pajamas. That's the highest stress moment we had today. I look forward to Christmas in Alabama, but I'm glad that we had this day for our little family before the craziness of selling and moving things begins. I am quite thankful for a Very Attaway Thanksgiving.

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