Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Yesterday, much of the state of Alabama awoke to find a rare change in the landscape. There was snow on our lawns, in our fields, and on our roofs. Our trees were heavy with powdery ice, and our air was filled with dancing flakes. It was a beautiful sight to those of us who enjoy cold weather, and who haven't had an excess of it this year (as my Kentucky friends have had).

When there is snow in Alabama, there are two reactions. The first is fear that promptly leads to a trip to the grocery store. It could be a few flurries, but the grocery store is going to be full whenever snow is on the weather report. The second reaction is to pull out a camera and start clicking! Who am I to mess with tradition?

This state has a way of surprising you with its weather. On Saturday, it was 65 degrees and there were tornado warnings. The next day there was snow and the high was thirty degrees lower. Here is an example of Alabama's moodiness regarding weather:

Here is a tree at 10 a.m.

And here is the same tree at 2 p.m. Four hours make a lot of difference, eh?

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