Sunday, January 4, 2009

Child-Free Weekend!

For a Christmas present from my parents, Edwin and I asked for a few nights out of town. It came at the perfect time. Edwin and I were exhausted from the move, and the girls seemed more annoying than normal. This generally happens when I haven't slept enough. We went to a little cabin in Warm Springs, Ga for three nights. (It's near Callaway Gardens.) My mom is great at finding random places that are cozy and wonderfully obscure.

We went to Columbus a couple of times. We ate out, without fighting two little mess-makers. We saw a movie... in a theater. We heard almost every word. The movie was Valkyrie, so I really can't say that it was a barrel of laughs, but I do recommend it. It was a great movie, even if it was dark. It helps to know that we won eventually.

Then came Friday night, when we watched the Sugar Bowl. I'm not a sports genius. I do know that the University of Alabama only played sparatically. I'm not going to say much on the subject. The Alabama papers have said plenty. Let's just say that the Sugar Bowl was the low light of our vacation.

We had a good time sleeping in, watching television on cable, and walking around without worrying about the girls getting worn out from all of the shopping. We're home now, and it's good to be back with the girls, even if DeLaynie is a tad bit cranky from all the work that she put in preventing my mom from getting sleep. (Thanks mom!) We really missed them, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to miss them.

Now we move on to job hunting. DeLaynie starts pre-school on Tuesday, and Mommy and Daddy are pretty nervous about it. Keep on praying for us!


Nina D. Casteel said...

Hannah,I am so glad that you all got some time for just the two of you.I know you both needed that.What a wonderful picture.I can't believe that DeLaynie is starting pre-school.Keep me informed on how she does.Today was the game between Ky.and those cards.And those cards won,not by much,but enough.I am not a big sports fan either,only basketball.I hope you all will be able to get out again,before you leave for Va.

Jessica said...

It is nice to have time alone. My husband's mom kept our kids while we went out of town for the weekend back in December. Hope that you all had a nice time and that your New Year has many blessings included in it.

This is my first time to your blog, please stop by my blog and say hello as well.

the Mama of the Peas said...

Oh. I'm so happy ya'll got to do that! Yay!