Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm So Lost!

I didn't know that Lost premiered this week! I have never felt so outside of the human race than I did when Edwin walked into our bedroom and said, "I think Lost premiered this week." That's like not realizing that it was an election year!

We have no broadcast t.v. We have a dvd player and a video game console, but no actual television. I guess that it's a good warm-up for going overseas, but it makes me feel out of the loop to not be aware of such things. There have been countless news stories that I had no idea about because we are lacking in the media department. We go to Mom and Dad's to watch 24 on Mondays. That's about as ideal of a situation as we're going to get since it's not like we could keep up with it without some form of childcare anyway.

Obviously, we have internet, and are therefore able to watch the missed t.v. shows and find the news stories that we crave. (We watched Lost today.) That requires effort that I don't always care to spend on such activities, though. Ella always wants to pull the keys out of the keyboard, so it's close to impossible to do either while she's awake. Her nap time is already full of blogging.

Being locked up in this house with a sick child (who is feeling much better, by the way) has made me feel thoroughly secluded from society. Maybe I'll just have to adjust to life on the little Attaway island.

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