Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I started getting more SPAM on my Juno email account. I have one account that I set aside specifically for giving out to people that I'm pretty sure will sale my email address. Then I have two others. No, make that three others. One I don't give out to anyone unless they are personal friends, but it's still pretty new, and most of my friends don't have it. It's a lonely address. There are two others that I use in moderate security situations. I'm not sure why I have such an excessive number of addresses. I think I just like seeing things related to me with @ and dot something after it. It makes me feel important. It's like I'm my own corporation.

Anyway, so I've had a sudden influx of SPAM. I'm not sure who sends it out, but they are completely un-picky about the recipients. First, I keep receiving dating service messages. Obviously, that's not needed. I'm thoroughly married. Secondly, the dating services seem to be pretty specialized. The other day I got one "Singles Over 50 Meet". Today was "Black People Meet". I love meeting people of both groups, but I don't think we're talking about Bible Study meetings here. I'm simply not their target niche.

That isn't nearly as annoying, though, as the stuff I'm constantly getting from the GOP. I emailed them once to let them know that I found their "surveys" to be a complete waste of money. I use quotation marks with the greatest of care. They called them surveys, but they were actually statistic generators. All of the questions were meant to get specific answers. I found this to be a terrible waste of resources. Obviously, it wasn't all that helpful in the presidential campaign, either. Ever since I emailed in my complaint, I have been made aware of every race involving a republican in the United States. I've also been emailed information about every mistake, personal or professional, made by a democrat. As much I love to read about how the governor of Massachusetts (who is referred to as "His Excellency," no matter who it is) forgot to return a library book in the seventh grade, I figure that there have to be bigger fish to fry.

I'm sure that I could be removed from all the lists, but nothing dirty has arrived yet. Once that happens, I'll attack the problem. For now, I'm just going to allow these people to send me ads that will never be used. I have to admit that they have piqued my curiosity about the number and specificity of dating services. I'm waiting for the day to come when I receive an invitation to "Eastern European Scientologists Meet".

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