Friday, January 30, 2009

The Things I Saw At Chic-Fil-A

Last night was my not-so-regular night out. When we were still in Hodgenville, this night out had become a weekly occurrence. It's amazing how much cuter the kids are when you come back to them after a few hours away. I had dinner with my mom because she was already in Montgomery. After that I meandered around Kohl's for an extended period of time, eventually buying a $24 pair of sunglasses, but paying a mere $2.60 (someone put the wrong sticker on them. They were supposed to be $7.80. The lady was nice enough to give them to me for the advertised price.)

Then I went to Chic-Fil-A's drive through, got a brownie-a-la-mode and water (I'm obviously quite health conscious ;), and put the ol' Corolla in park for a few minutes so I could devour my brownie and ice cream. While in the drive-through, I was behind what appeared to be a church van, though there was no name on it that I could see. This thing was equipped with seven bumper stickers, six of which were Pro-Life slogans. The other was odd. It was yellow with red letters and hearts. The inscription was "Chastity is for Lovers". I told Edwin about this, and neither of us could quite understand the point. Jesus-lovers? Unmarried lovers? There are lots of reasons that true love waits, but that bumper sticker sure isn't one of them.

As I was scarfing down the brownie, I saw the electronic billboard where the new babies from Jackson Hospital are announced. One of them was named Late'hia. I sat there for a few minutes, trying to figure out the proper pronunciation. I don't think I ever quite hit on it. There was a little boy whose parents were extremely creative with his hospital picture. He was wearing an Alabama jersey, "holding" a football in the QB position (his right arm was tucked behind his head as if he were about to throw it), and his left hand was fashioned to look as if he were giving the peace sign. I could just imagine the pride bursting from that exhausted mother's face when she saw how hard her husband had worked to ensure a high-quality representation of their baby. (That may not be the family situation at all, but I'm going with the most traditional family organization since I don't know.) It was a cute picture.

After an enjoyable night of doing nothing, and worrying about no one as I did it, I went to get some groceries and came home. Thanks, Edwin, for giving me some time. I don't know how I could live this life without you by my side. (Let's not try to find out.)

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