Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DeLaynie's First Day of School

This morning began with DeLaynie jumping into our bed and cuddling up next to Edwin, as she does most mornings. We finally got up and got ready for the big day. Edwin was deeply concerned that DeLaynie would be completely thrown off guard by the routines and structure that come with preschool. She took a second to check out her surroundings, but before long she found a toy mailbox that she found amusing.

Ella actually took a nap! A long one, too. I had to wake her up to get De from school. Edwin went to a pastor's lunch with Dad, so there was a time during which I was the only conscious person in the house! I talked to B.Wal for a while. I didn't have to take "angry mommy voice" breaks every fifteen seconds, and I didn't have to feel guilty for not wanting to pick up Ella, my little Cling-on (that would be a Star Trek pun).

When I did go to pick up DeLaynie, her very sweet teacher said that she'd had a great day! She'd cried once, but quickly calmed down. Edwin was quite relieved to discover this. I was happy, but not as shocked as my hubby. DeLaynie was delighted to see that I'd brought Ella with me. When I walked up, I heard, "There's Mommy. And look! There's the baby! It's Baby Ewwa." She seemed pretty happy in general.

I'm pretty proud of her, myself. She's going to be just fine with this missions thing.

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