Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Theology for Toddlers

Edwin has been diligently adding elements to DeLaynie's bedtime routine for several months. It started with a sentence or two of prayer, then he taught her to say, "Amen!" at the end. When she thinks Daddy is getting long-whinded in his night-time prayer, she'll just skip right to the amen part. It's pretty cute, so Daddy isn't generally offended.

When we moved to Alabama, he started teaching her to acknowledge certain attributes of God's character. This sounds really complicated at first glance, but it is simply getting her to repeat "God is good." He started with "good", then he added a second thing. "God is great." Last night he changed "great" to "wise". His plan is to have her learn several different attributes. I personally can't wait to hear her say, "God is omniscient." Okay, so we'll probably use other terms, like "God knows everything," but it will be a fun day when she can say "omniscient".

There are few things more adorable than hearing your husband and child have such a discussion. It's during these times that I think about the single moms and women who are married to unbelievers. Parenting isn't meant to be done alone, though i know that God provides the grace to those that do. Listening in on conversations like the one last night are a highlight at the end of the day. I'm thankful for little moments like that one.

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Nina D. Casteel said...

Hey Hannah,I think that is precious.when I read that I thought hey,We are starting bible seekers tonight,and our lesson plans are the attributes of God.Those are wonderful moments,aren't they?Have a great day!