Monday, November 24, 2008

Giving In To Christmas

I've finally given up. For a few weeks, I've been ignoring the fact that Christmas is coming. It didn't seem like the time was right yet. Every year I try to keep my Christmas excitement pinned up until Thanksgiving. Yet again, I have failed.

Lifeway was having a sale for loyal customers. A part of it was that you could get the BarlowGirl and Casting Crowns Christmas cd's for $7.99, so we bought them. I made it through Saturday, even with the shrink wrap glistening at me all day. Yesterday, however, I gave in. They were both played... several times. (Incidently, they are very good. I highly recommend them.)

Right now, as I type, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas is spinning rapidly through the DVD player. Last year I started playing it in September, just because I thought that it might make DeLaynie happy and keep her quiet. It worked really well. I was hoping that it would have the same affect on Ella, but not so much... DeLaynie still likes it.

The Wallaway Thanksgiving Special has been pushed back due to an unfortunate event. We'll probably join a kind and merciful family from our church for Thanksgiving, or we may do one of those really off-the-wall celebrations, like eating Chinese food on the floor, watching the first season of 24. Maybe a combination of both.

No matter how, exactly, we celebrate Thanksgiving, we will kick off the official Christmas season with a trip to see the Christmas lights at Freeman Lake in E-town before coming home to watch a Christmas movie on Thanksgiving night. My personal favorite is A Muppet Christmas Carol, at least for the whole family. My favoritey-favorite is It's a Wonderful Life, obviously. I do love me some Jimmy Stewart... but that's beside the point.

Anyone else having Jingle Bells stuck in their head?

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