Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm in a Scavenger Hunt And Other Stuff

Rachel has included me as a part of her bloggy scavenger hunt! She's giving away some good looking prizes, so click on over and check it out.

In other news, I wasn't able to go back to full-time nursing after the IMB Conference. Which is sad for Ella, I guess. I don't think she minds at all, actually. What really annoys me about the situation is that I've already gained some weight since stopping! (I know, I'm quite an the example of ideal motherhood.)

This comes at an unfortunate time, weather wise. It's really, really cold out! I just checked the weather, and it feels like 16 degrees, 16! I can't take an infant and a toddler, who are currently the only completely healthy kids in town, into immunity-demolishing weather like that. (I'm not totally sure that cold weather really does reduce immunity, but why take chances?)

Let's keep in mind that the holidays are coming. It would be pretty easy to let it go until Jan. 1. But I won't do it! If for no other reason, I have no clothes one size up, except for a couple of pairs of shorts. Therefore, I will find a way, or make a way, to lose the couple of extra pounds, and keep it from coming back. I welcome, beg even, you to hold me to it. This is a group effort!

One more note: Silver Treats is holding a jewelry give-away. I wanted in on it, and you can do the same. Head over to SilverTreats.com to enter!


the Mama of the Peas said...

I have more incentive for you... I have a pile of jeans that I'm sending your way soon! And of course thats incentive for me too, cause I won't have any jeans to fall back on if I gain any weight... haha

Rachel said...

Thanks for the promo!
And I've gained a couple of pounds too. SO annoying!! I'm with you!