Monday, November 3, 2008

Going to Virginia...

We leave to go to Virginia for the IMB conference tomorrow. Don't worry; we will be voting. We believe that we should always perform our civic duty. So we will be at the polls, bright and early. Actually, it may be too early to be bright. We'll see. (Edwin wants to be there when they open.)

Because our schedule will be tight, I may not be able to blog. I'm not sure about the quality of internet there, either. I will try to mini-blog a few times, as I am able. I will give you a full, if not anonoyingly long and detailed, update when I get back.

I would like to thank B. Wal and my mom for taking care of the girls while we're gone. I am not at all worried about them and their safety. It's a very big relief to have such amazing people to take care of my precious daughters. I love you both.

We're very excied to kick off this adventure. Thank you for your continued prayer and support.


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The Carpenter Life said...

ENJOY VIRGINIA!!! I miss Richmond all the time. Wish we were still there to see yall...but you'd probably be too busy anyway. We are praying for you guys big time!!