Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am incredibly thankful for our oldest daughter, DeLaynie. She doesn't follow your typical development chart, so a lot of people don't realize just how much is going on in that head of hers, or her heart. She adds more than she knows to this family, and to the world. She is a nurturer and comforter at heart. She is deeply affectionate, surprisingly patient most of the time, and an absolute joy to our family.

Ella is the baby of the family. She has a smile that, as you can tell, lights the world. She loves to giggle, and loves to be held more than anything. Little Ella keeps us on our toes as she follows us everywhere around the house, including the bathroom. She will eat anything, also pretty evident from the picture. She is a people-person, and she adores her big sister.

I've spoken if Edwin before, but there just aren't enough words to explain how much I love him. He is my best friend, and he understands me better than I ever imagined another person could. It's a joy to know that no matter where we go, I'll always have a great minister with me. (I got pretty used to that privilege growing up.)

Finally, I want to mention a recent development for which I am particularly grateful. Yesterday we found out that we have officially been accepted by the IMB (International Mission Board) to go to Nicaragua to serve the people there. Since the Candidate Conference the first week of November, my heart has become more and more impassioned for the Nica people. We will be learning Spanish in Costa Rica for a few months, following orientation in Richmond, Va, which begins in April. The following months are going to have a lot of bumps, and a few bruises, I'm sure. But what a joy to be bruised for the Gospel! What an honor to endure for the cause of Christ. Yes, I am grateful today. Our King has blessed me and our family richly. I hope that we can share that blessing wherever we go, with everyone we come in contact with.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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