Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Miss Bossy

I've bragged quite a bit about how well DeLaynie does with Ella. We were pretty worried after DeLaynie first saw the new baby in the hospital. To the right is a picture of her reaction when she laid eyes on the intruder. She became very upset when Daddy picked up Ella. My mother was pretty concerned about the situation, but I was thoroughly convinced that there was no way to rectify the situation at that point, so I just accepted that it wouldn't be as easy as I'd hoped.

Once we got home, however, it was no issue. DeLaynie became intrigued by her little sister, to whom she referred as "so sweet" because that's what we would say whenever she touched her.

Most of the time DeLaynie has been incredibly patient with Baby Ewwa (as she calls her). Even when Ella pulls her hair or takes her coloring sheet, DeLaynie just says "No!" and runs away. She has gotten a little too vigorous in her patting on occasion, but it has never appeared to be intentional, with maybe one or two exceptions... maybe.

Today, however, the older sister in her has come out! All day she has been telling her, "no ma'am!" and "Stop it, now!" She became very posessive of the bubbles when the bubble-blowing machine filled the whole kitchen with them. (This is the best ten dollar investment we have ever made. They sell them at a very popular discount store. It's by the Gazillion Bubbles brand.) Ella has learned to pop them, and DeLaynie wasn't as excited about this new trick as Ella.

As a nice, little tangent: DeLaynie thinks that the bubble wand is an actual, scepter-like wand that you are supposed to wave while the bubbles are being blown out of the blower. She insists on holding it whenever it's on. Just thought I'd share.

In some ways, I'm almost glad she's become so bossy and possessive. From what I've gathered, that's normal and healthy for a two year-old. I'll just choose to see it as healthy development, even as I discipline her when she goes too far or loses her temper. Ah, progress.

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