Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mini-blog #1

We're at the International Learning Center in Richmond! The International Mission Board (the branch of the Southern Baptist Convention that deals with sending missionaries overseas) is similar to a small government. They abbreviate everything, require a great deal of paperwork, and have their own institutions. From now on, I will refer to our location as the ILC. It sounds cool and makes me feel a little bit like Jack Bauer.

We are in a small group with two other couples who have small children. They are incredibly sweet, and not even I have had a hard time with talking to them. I might have talked too much, but I haven't said anything too stupid yet.

Edwin and I are thrilled to be here, and really looking at possible jobs. We are open to all kinds of possibilities, but we do have a few ideas in our heads. I'm not sure if when we'll know our official placement, but we should be almost positive about if we are going by Friday! Keep on praying for us. We really appreciate the time that you put into approaching God on our behalf.


Rachel said...

Wow - it's hard to believe that it will be happening that soon!! I'll be praying for God's clear direction for you guys this week!!

Brooke said...

I'm pretty positive that you are not that person any more who has problems talking to people or is as you like to call it "socially awkward". It's interesting that you haven't quite realized that you're not that person anymore. You are ....dare I say...social!

Brooke said...

yay. how exciting. (did that sound exciting? i'm trying here okay?) anyhow, i'm glad you've found the straight and narrow even though it leads straight outta hogtown, usa. boo.

...love the new layout btw. i'm so jealous i don't know how to do cool stuff like that.