Monday, November 17, 2008

Why, Hannah, Why?

If you are looking for a great way to spend a lot of time getting very little accomplished, I have an idea for you. Puree a pumpkin. A friend of mine suggested it. She's quite impressive. She starts with a pumpkin, and just a few hours later, a pie is formed.

I ran out of pumpkin for my breakfast muffins. (Spice cake mix+ pumpkin puree= pumpkin muffin.) I eat them everyday because they're really low fat and calorie, and they go well with coffee. I decided to give in to peer pressure and make the puree from the pumpkin that we picked out for October festivities, but deemed too gory to cut into in front of DeLaynie.

If I'd had a food processor, it wouldn't have been that bad. What I had, however, was a handy chopper. A cute little device that holds one cup at a time. It took a while, but after a few hours, and one, big mess, I had a pureed pumpkin. A lot of it. Way too much. An amount equal to 7 cans.

The only thing that I use pumpkin for is my muffins. Now I'm going to be spending a lot of time looking for pumpkin recipes. I hate pumpkin pie, so I'll be looking for other uses, such as breads. I have used it for brownies, but Edwin gets bummed out when he walks into a house full of brownie smell without "real" brownies. Feel free to let me know of any exotic pumpkin recipes you have. I love a good recipe.

Eh, it wasn't painful. I'm glad there are people in this world like my pumpkin pureeing friend, but I think I'll go with canned if it's an option. (Granted, if we go overseas to do missions, there may be no option.) Pumpkin anyone? ;)

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Rachel said...

Yikes. My hubby just suggested to me the other day that I do SOMETHING with Ali's pumpkin. I don't know that I'll be following in your footsteps, however. :)