Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Está lluvioso

That would be, "It's raining," in Spanish. There are several Spanish-speakers on campus this week, presumably for some sort of conference. One of them shared this with me and DeLaynie, though I'm almost positive that DeLaynie understood it better than I did. I came back home and googled it.

The girls have gotten to wear their raincoats today. Ella's is 2t because it's very rainy in Costa Rica for about half of the year, so she'll be wearing it a lot for several months. She looked something similar to a pink penguin as she waddled home from the cafeteria. The stroller was too wet for us to use it, so I made the terrible mistake of letting them walk there and back. It wasn't so bad getting there because Edwin was with us, but getting back home to the quad was much more difficult because he was in a meeting.

It must have taken at least twenty minutes to get from the cafeteria back to our home. It's normally about a 5 minute walk. I have to admit, it was cute watching the girls doddle along. And I do mean doddle, not toddle. We finally made it home, though, and we're semi-dry. Now it's time to find something to do indoors that won't un-do the bath I just gave them. I'm not too optimistic about finding such a task, but it's worth a try.

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Anonymous said...

where are the pictures? I know you didn't have the camera or a hand to hold the camera with those 2 by yourself! But I am sure it would have made great photo opportunities!
Love you, Thankful you 4 are still well!!! love, Gigi