Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I know that you're all (both of you) wondering what happened yesterday with DeLaynie. Unfortunately, we're still just not sure. DeLaynie had a test today called a sleep deprived EEG. It sounds just as bad as it is, at least on the parents. The actual procedure looks quite similar to some form of mideival torture, though DeLaynie slept through a vast majority of it. What it came down to it that we had to keep her up three hours late, get her up three hours early, and give her a very mild sedative to make sure that she would sleep while the very nice technician stuck electrodes all over our baby's skull.

Rabbit trail: So, what do you do with a three year old at 4:15 in the morning? Edwin woke her up by asking if she wanted to go to the playground. She perked up instantly. Unfortunately, it was crazy cold this morning. After a few minutes on the swing, Edwin heard her teeth chattering, and decided to take her to the van and watch a movie on the portable dvd player. They stayed there until one of the buildings on campus was opened, and then they hung out inside and talked to random passers by. That's what you do with a three year old at 4:15 (until 6:45) in the morning.

We had to put her in the papoose (think: giant swaddling blanket) so she wouldn't squirm. It made for a pretty grotesque sight, but it was painless on her.

This test had the purpose of making sure that there isn't anything going on with her actual brain, which may be easy to fix or correct with therapy. The doctor hasn't actually seen the results yet, so we don't know how that test came out. There's also the possibility of an MRI. They don't think anything is really wrong with her brain, but they want to be on the safe side.

Everything is still fuzzy for right now. We're tired, but we're doing fine emotionally. DeLaynie's completely exhausted, as is Ella. Neither of them are aware that anything is wrong, accept for an interesting detour in our family's sleeping patterns. All-in-all, we're okay. Pooped, but okay. There's absolutely nothing pointing to a medical problem with DeLaynie, other than this developmental delay. Someone from the practice will be observing her while she's at school tomorrow, so be praying that DeLaynie shows herself for who she really is. She tends to act differently in school than she does everywhere else, so please pray that she will be able to be the wonderful, sweet-spirited, vivacious child that we know her to be.

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