Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Musical Movements

Today DeLaynie's class did musical movements. For those of you who don't speak Southern Baptist, that would be dancing. (Don't tell anyone you heard it from me.) There are few things that she loves more than dancing, I mean musical movements. The teacher handed Edwin the form describing her day and said, "She really enjoyed this." No kidding.

I want to get her a shirt that says "I Live to Boogie," except that dancing isn't her purpose in life. It's just a nice addition to her activity repertoire. Still, I can't wait until she gets into some dance classes when we get to Nicaragua. I don't know what all will be available, but I think she would absolutely adore any dance, I mean musical movement, class.

(*** Addition***) A quad-mate just lent us a cd of Spanish praise music. We have been listening to it in order to immerse ourselves in the beautiful language. DeLaynie got so excited when she first heard it that she giggled and screamed, "I loooooove to dance. Let's dance!" She then began moving musically, though the degree of musicalness is highly debatable. This kid may have a future as a part of a praise team or creative ministry.

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