Monday, May 18, 2009

What We're Doing (plus random pictures)

Today we discussed the basic doctrines that we as Baptists espouse. Dr. Chuck Lawless (from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) leads a day and a half of lectures covering the attributes of God, Jesus, faith and repentance, and a couple more subjects that will be covered tomorrow.

Some people think that theology is boring. I find it hard to believe that some Christians think that hearing about how incredibly cool God is a waste of time, even if it is presented in a systematic manner. I think that doctrinal studies get a bad reputation due to the fact that theology ends with "-ogy," making it sound way more complicated and intellectual than needed. We should change it to "Check this God out! studies."

Last week we had our first round of shots. Our sending agency saves a million dollars a year by giving the ridiculous number of shots right here, in our clinic. The nurses are really good at it, too. They have a one parent, one kid rule, so I went in with DeLaynie, not Ella. From what Edwin said, Ella was not too thrilled about two strange women jabbing her with pieces of metal. Who can blame her? One round down, two more to go.

Tomorrow we go to see a developmental specialist to get a full work-up on DeLaynie. This is simply a precaution to make sure that there isn't anything that we've missed that couldn't be treated overseas. No one believes that the doctors will encounter problems, but please be praying that DeLaynie tests ultra-well tomorrow. I'm still praying that God will enable DeLaynie to "connect the dots," and communicate at an age appropriate level. Whatever God decides, though, DeLaynie belongs to Him. It's His decision to make, and the way that He designed her is perfect for His purposes.

And now, without further adieu... Ella, covered in yogurt, feeding herself, with two spoons!


Anonymous said...

You are getting a tan Miss Ella!

The Pilston's said...

God has given DeLaynie to ability to see the world differently. Because of that she will reach people others can not.

Brooke said...

row row row your boat gently down the stream. merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.

Brooke said...

I was reading your blog and Woodstock saw Ella and didn't recognize her! He asked who that was. I told him and he said she has gotten big. I told him I was going to leave you a message on here. I asked if there was something he wanted me to type for him....hence the last comment.