Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Long, Lost Blogger

So, we are actually here, and alive. We're still at the training facility in Virginia. Here are some pictures, though they're meant to give you pictures of my kids, not to show off my photography skills.

Aweee. These kids love to hug. At least, DeLaynie does. Ella just puts up with it.

DeLaynie has discovered the monkey bars. At first, she was tentative about it, but now

she loves it.

Ella enjoys the slide,

But is a bit confused by the sandbox.

I know that you've been desperately waiting to see it, so here it is! The bag. That I made. I have a friend that made me a bag, and it was much more detailed and sturdy. But I made this one. And stuff goes in, and doesn't fall out the bottom. Thus, it is a success.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

Glad I found your site. Please stop by my blog and weigh in on the pastor's wife question. By the way, I love the bag.


Anonymous said...

did you see my FB status!! i am so glad your internet is working! I was getting so sad and i love the pictures! It looks like the girls are growing up in height-Can De go across the monkey bars or does she just stay on one and you all help her across!! I am impressed and why is Ella confused over the sand box?
Call me sometimes! Love your bag-you did good! love you, Mom

Brooke said...

Cute pics! They are getting big. DeLaynie looks a lot older.