Monday, May 11, 2009

A Few Pictures from Mother's Day

I'd like to say that this is Ella marveling at the beauty of the weed, but no. She's about to try to eat it. Not nearly as sweet, but way more realistic.

DeLaynie sharing her dandelion with Ella. Even though neither of them are looking at the camera or smiling, it's still one of the best pictures of both of them that I've ever taken. Low standards help in acheiving such a goal.

DeLaynie making her two dandelions kiss, complete with kissy noises, though you can't see the pucker face she made two tenths of a second after this picture was taken.

DeLaynie, sweetly encouraging Ella to sniff the scentless dandelion.
No. I wasn't in any of these pictures, due mostly to the fact that I was the one taking them. We had a nice day, though, even with DeLaynie and Ella trying desperately to get on stage where Daddy was playing the drum during Brazilian worship. The worship service was fun. With hand signs in the message, even DeLaynie was into it, and I knew exactly what story he was telling... in Portuguese.


Rachel said...

Adorable!! I love the pics.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures!!! I would love one of the pictures of both of them together! Sometimes when you have time, send me one by WalMart or Rite Aid. I would love it!!!