Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick Prayer Request

Rotavirus is going around the training center. Since the kids go to school together, eat together, and play together, it tends to get around quickly. I'd really love it if it stopped in its tracks before our family, or any other families, come down with it. Strep throat is also an issue.

Our time here is so short, and we really want to learn all that we can. Please pray that these illnesses will stay right where it is, and that the children who already have them will get well quickly so their parents can get back into class, and so they don't have to remain quarantined any longer.

Keep praying, precious warriors. Thanks, as always, for your awesome prayer support!

1 comment:

andiewade said...

oh isn't it glamorous? all of us in the quads got out our rags and bleach and scrubbed down the common room late tonight in our pjs. it was like some weird sleepover activity.