Monday, May 4, 2009

"I Love You!"

(***We haven't gotten sick yet! In fact, the nurse reminded us that there's a vaccine for rotavirus, and Ella has received it, so we're at a much lower risk of her getting it. That's great news. Thanks, prayer warriors!)

The whole family was on the seemingly monstrous bed that was created by the two twin beds in our bedroom. (The girls have their own room. We're not bed-sharers, not that there's anything wrong with that. :) We had been dancing, per DeLaynie's instructions: "Shake. Now, jump! Okay. Now... wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Clap your hands. Good job!" All tuckered out, Mom and Dad requested our favorite game, night-night. This game is highly evolved, and involves us turning out the light (in the middle of the day; DeLaynie's idea), getting under the covers, and pretending to sleep with terribly overstated snoring noises. DeLaynie giggles every time we "play" it, and even requests it on occasion.

Daddy got up to receive the wipes that a quad-mate of ours picked up for us at WalMart. While he was out of the room, along with Ella, DeLaynie gave me a kiss and sighed, as sweetly as I've ever heard it, "I loooove you!" It's not that she's never said it. She has, many times. But this time she was looking right at me. She wasn't repeating anything. She was just telling me how she felt. So, of course I responded with, "I love you, DeLaynie!" and a big hug. Now she has me whipped. It's all down hill from here...

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Anonymous said...

So Sweet-she made Big D's day last night by saying-'its Big D and then singing Happy Birthday to you! it was really sweet. She is coming right along.