Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Little Victory

De did something pretty amazing last night. She went into the kitchen, grabbed an apple off of the table, and tried to eat it. Today, she pulled me into the kitchen, and when I asked her what she wanted, replied with, "I want an apple." I gave it to her after cutting off a piece so she could bite into it more easily. Okay, very little got into her, but I'm proud... very proud. Not only did she try a new food, but she patiently and clearly asked me for what she wanted. She even tried a carrot stick last night! She wasn't sure what to do when it was in her mouth, and it just fell out, but she kept trying. She never understood how to chew it, but I think she'll get there. If it makes no sense to you why this is such a big deal for a 2 1/2 year-old, read this.

El is army crawling with amazing speed and accuracy. She's working on adding her legs into the mix, but it still takes too much effort for her to use them with each "step". She's doing really well, and loving her new-found "freedom".

I haven't felt well at all this weekend, so I'm sorry that I haven't updated either of my blogs this weekend. I hope to get back on-task tomorrow. My parents are coming this weekend because my dad is preaching a revival for our church (!!!!), so I better get going on the cleaning :).

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Brooke said...

aw, sorry to hear you're sick! missed ya today. juma was awesome and i think God may want me to go over there during the summer. crazy, huh? feel better soon!