Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Little Off This Week

I'm just now finishing the devotional for today. I'm excited about what God has taught me today. And it's taken all day. I must have sat at the kitchen table twenty times, trying to study, when Ella would cry out to be held or because she was stuck under a table or because she couldn't see anyone else.

It's been yucky for the past couple of days. DeLaynie doesn't understand this concept. She doesn't get that we just can't go outside when it's raining. I can't figure out how to explain it. It's not like she would mind getting soaked, so letting her go outside and get wet wouldn't prevent future attempts to break out. Ella wouldn't enjoy it, and I would hate it. I hate rain. I'm pretty sure that she'd still run right into a sand box. I'm not woman enough to clean her up after that.

Maybe tomorrow will be pretty. Maybe we will be able to get out and walk and play and frolic. Yes... frolic. Toward the end of our walks, I give DeLaynie a play break. I thought about calling it a "DeLaynie runs around like a wild banchi without a family while her mom embarasses herself by stretching in public" break, but I didn't think DeLaynie could learn to pronounce that one for a while. I went with play break. She understands the concept pretty well. She also gets that she will receive juice at the end of the break as a bribe to get back into the stroller. If she's especially thirsty, she won't even let me get finished doing my crunches before crawling back into the stroller seat, but she isn't normally that thirsty.

Since it's technically tomorrow, I am now going to end today's post. I hope to get tomorrow's post in a little later today, or something like that... Shalom!

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